I had to die eight times to discover what life really had in store for me.

As a Best-Selling Author & Transformation Coach, I share my unique gifts, inspiration and passion to promote the breakthroughs required to embrace the best version of ourselves

Breaking Through to Best in 10 Easy Steps:
How to Amplify your Intuition, Clarity, Vision, Motivation & Productivity

For conscious executives and entrepreneurs, it is not only imperative to outperform the competition, but it is mandatory to reach those goals through authentic, empowered and compassionate leadership. Even when you have a stellar resume and tons of experience, that may not necessarily have enabled you to learn the skills needed to lead passionately from the heart.

Participants will learn a ten-step process through which they will:

  • Improve their ability to connect to Source, self and others

  • Identify circumstances, dynamics, relationships and beliefs that keep them in the box and functioning below their potential

  • Decipher the reasons for maintaining unhealthy or ineffective strategies, thoughts, paradigms and partnerships

  • Honor their best efforts, even when those have been perceived as insufficient

  • Release the elements that no longer promote achievement of goals or the development of healthy teams

  • Redesign and course correct for healthier and more effective leadership

  • Infuse passion into their missions!

From Trauma to Triumph:
Gleaning Meaning from Painful Life Events

While my life had all the trappings of being ever so perfect, looks were really quite deceiving. Underneath the surface was a world which few people knew, and which I strove to keep others from detecting. I knew in my heart that I was different, that no one would really understand, that if only they knew, they would leave me. These were the things that I told myself, that kept me separate, isolated, and afraid. I could not fathom that I would ever find anyone who would ever really get me- until I did.

Surrounded by those who understood and appreciated my world, I rose from the depths and fully embodied the gifts that had come through me. Grounded in the Light, I learned to soar, and in so doing, began to uplift all those who came to me. Finally, life, and my traumas, gained meaning.

The Secret to Conception:
Identifying and Resolving Hidden Factors in Fertility

After a decade yearning for a child of my own, and investing over $100,000 in infertility tests and treatments, I was told that I would never achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Nearly thirty years later, I have spent two decades providing treatment for couples with fertility challenges, have co-authored two books on the subject, and have five beautiful children. What medical professionals don’t know CAN hurt you.

There is so much beyond traditional fertility measures that can vastly improve your ability to conceive and to achieve healthy pregnancy- my story, and how it informed the treatment I provide, generates hope and insight for those on this challenging journey.

Despite the fact that I had an MA and a PhD from Northwestern University, and had trained for five years as a Medical Intuitive, I journeyed to Harvard Medical Center in 2004 to certify in Mind/Body Medicine under the tutelage of Dr. Herb Benson. Utilizing all that I had learned and practiced, I developed strategies designed to help couples with fertility challenges to resolve emotional, psychological and energetic factors functionally prohibiting conception. Before I turned my attention to the factors beyond the physical realm, I could gain no ground with my own fertility. When I finally began to address and resolve early trauma, interpersonal conflict, and my connection to what had previously been fearsome, I spontaneously conceived and delivered five healthy children.

Some couples are eager to engage in the process and others resist. My superpower is to both share my rich and poignant story and to lead participants through some simple techniques designed to call their attention to some of the factors that can inhibit conception and to nudge them gently into the resolution of those impediments.


Personal Sustainability for Leaders

One of the most compelling elements of a great leader is the passion that s/he brings to the mission.

But the tireless expression of passion, unless emanating from a Higher Source, will eventually deplete the leader. 

Leaders in this fast-paced, hard-driven world must attend first and foremost to their own sustainability and then to that of their team members, otherwise whatever intentions and goals were set will go by the wayside.

While every leader is different in how they ramp up, plug in and later decompress, there are some strategies for personal sustainability that will be common to every toolkit. The following are tools that can be taught to a leadership team or an entire corporation.

  • Morning rituals: The development of personal morning ritual depends on what you enjoy and what enables you to create foundation for the remainder of your day.  Most highly effective people engage in a combination of healthy nutrition, exercise, meditation, prayer and journaling before heading into their work day to achieve the best focus, concentration, and harnessed energy.

  • Connection: Tuning into your body, mind and spirit is essential if you’re hoping to function effectively in the home and in the workplace.  By engaging in mindfulness, you better understand the signals your own body receives and sends, as well as the messages being received from others.  When you engage with others, the first step is ALWAYS connection- whether through a handshake, meeting of the eyes, energetic experience or through written or spoken word. Understanding how your employee, client or other connects advances your interaction intuitively and effectively.

  • Communication strategies: One of the most important experiences for team members and clients (as well as loved ones!) is to feel seen and heard.  While you may believe that you’re listening, you also have to ensure that you’re hearing the message that’s been sent!  Learning to speak assertively, listen both actively and passively, and consistently check in with your audience (whether one or many!) is a MUST for leaders.

  • Release and play: When tensions run high, often leaders try to dig in deeper.  By taking a step back to de-stress, a leader can reinvigorate his/her energy and approach the situation again with fresh eyes and an open heart.

  • Clearing the decks: Whether you need to set aside limiting beliefs and ideas, memory of past experience, or even just wash the day away, developing rituals for wiping the slate clean is imperative for avoiding getting stuck!

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

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Modified Intuitive Prolonged Exposure Therapy (MiPET)

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Breaking Through:

The Conscious Leader's and Entrepreneur's Guide to Amplify Intuition, Clarity, Vision, Motivation and Productivity

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