The Woman Behind the Wisdom

In the last thirty years, I’ve worn a lot of hats: I’m a widely recognized and highly acclaimed Trauma Psychologist and Transformation Coach, a talented retreat facilitator, a prolific author, a sought-after public speaker, a highly-trained educator, an aspiring filmmaker, a deeply spiritual Intuitive Consultant, a Reiki Master, and an Ordained Minister!

To many, it may be difficult to discern how all these services are related, but to those that know me, it all makes sense. My mission is as a Global Messenger: to uplift and bring hope to the inhabitants of a world that needs energetic invigoration and elevation- in every fashion I can possibly muster: through individual contact, through couples consultation, in small and large group settings, in real and virtual classrooms, through the written word, via the radio waves, and through film and television.


Breakthrough & Transformation
Conscious Intentional Leadership
Personal Development & Sustainability
Optimal Performance
Work/Life Harmony
Trauma Recovery & Resolution

My Mission

"Guiding my clients through the process of deepening their relationship with self, Source and others, and by uncovering limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits, detrimental relationships and counterproductive circumstances, they can respect their choices, then let go of all that stands in their way.  With gratitude for all of the stages of their journey, we build a healthy new foundation from which they can successfully launch."

Breaking Through:

The Conscious Leader's and Entrepreneur's Guide to Amplify Intuition, Clarity, Vision, Motivation and Productivity

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