My Resources

Switch Meditation Exercise

Guided imagery to enhance the concentration and distribution of core energy

Serenity Space Instructions

Guided imagery to create nurturing space in which to relax and restore

Rainbow Net Meditation Instructions

Energetic clearing achieved by combing through the aura, one frequency at a time

Progressive Relaxation Exercise

Stress reduction achieved by first tensing, then relaxing each muscle group

Passive Progressive Relaxation

Stress reduction achieved by relaxing each muscle group one at a time

Mindful Meditation Summary

Meditation designed to bring increased awareness to self and environment

Interactive Guided Imagery

Guided imagery to bring voice to any body part

Inner Advisor Guided Imagery

Guided imagery to connect to and communicate with the wisest part of the self

Autogenic Training Instructions

Simple meditation using affirmations for each body part to induce relaxation

My Mission

"Guiding my clients through the process of deepening their relationship with self, Source and others, and by uncovering limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits, detrimental relationships and counterproductive circumstances, they can respect their choices, then let go of all that stands in their way.  With gratitude for all of the stages of their journey, we build a healthy new foundation from which they can successfully launch."

Breaking Through:

The Conscious Leader's and Entrepreneur's Guide to Amplify Intuition, Clarity, Vision, Motivation and Productivity

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